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First post!77 kc 620


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im new to the forum just wanted to introduce myself before i start digging in to threads and chimming in lol my name is storm i have a 77 king cab 620 and im in central texas so far on my 620 ive herculined my interior,painted a few trim pieces,changed the shocks all around,just recently put some 17 inch escalade wheels and tires on,plugs,wires,oil,coolant,still in the process of changing my driveshaft bearing and thats about it haha plans are to have it bagged within the year build a fiberglass dash and find a way to mount these darns seats lol here are a few pics of where its at now  









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today im working on sanding the front clip near the radiator and headlights just a tip...dont use aircraft remover to strip paint..if it doesnt get it all it just leaves a big mess haha i still have a few hours of sanding by hand im sure to get al of this residual paint off







i am also planning on cleaning and sanding the bed to be herculined this weekend



does anyone have bad experiences with painting parts with aerosol primer just to temporarily cover the bare metal for paint later? i know the primer is crappy and not waterproof so it is really short term but man i feel that it is gonna suck sanding all these nooks and crannies and im thinking ill just finely sand this primer and then whe its ready for paint ill lay the good primer over what i have on here now

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one more thing what are u guys doing with ur exhaust manifold with ur static drops??i only adjusted my torsion bars via the lock nuts since i couldnt get the bar out to reindex them but my exhaust manifold hangs realy low and scrapes my driveway when i pull out lol...my other vehicle i feel is lower but nothing scrapes on it,,no matter what angle i take my 620 @ the manifold scrapes and its not even that low haha does anyone make an aftermarket exhaust manifold for an l20b that would help this...this motor wont be in here for long but i would like to have all the parts functional for a future project maybe lol...feel free to talk shit on my posts im not very bright and just like to hear others opinions lol....go for it...thanks guys!

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