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How to Make (Better than OEM) Grille Clips From Crap in Your Garage


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What you need:


Scissors (or a knife)

Adhesive Foam (optional)

Washers (make sure zip tie fits through eye of washer, but does NOT allow the lock on the end to pass through)


(optional pre-mounting of rattle reduction foam): cut a square of adhesive foam (small enough to fit under the mounting tongue of the grille unlike I did. I later trimmed it.) and place it over the mounting hole on the frame. puncture it with a knife or scissors or any sharp object.




Step 1: cut the Lock off of one end of a Ziptie and set it to the side. (In a place that it won't get lost) Discard the strip that you cut off.


Step 2: Get a new, undamaged Ziptie and route it through the eye of the washer.


Step 3: Rout the Ziptie with the washer upwards through the bottom of the mounting hole


Step 4: Remember the Cut up Ziptie you sat aside earlier? slide it onto the end of the Ziptie currently stuck in the hole.


Step 5: Slide down until as snug as possible, and cut off excess.


I dont know how many Datsuns have similar mounting grills, but it works on my B310. With slight modification it could be done on a '79 810 grille. Anyway, I hope this is helpful to someone!

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It works until you have to take your grill off. Then you gotta do it again but still nice, never thought of this before.  :thumbup:

this is true, and like thisismatt said, you can use a knife to undo it. but even if you just cut it off everytime, its SUPER cheap! And when your original clips get old and dry rotted, theyre even less useful than the zip ties....

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True and True. I'm gonna do this cause with one little turn on my screws and they fall right out. Tried getting clips for them but keep getting the wrong ones so this is pretty cool.


Plus it keeps it "JDM"....................HAHA psych! 

Ha! if anything though, it does keep it quirky and interesting. It's little things like that, that people notice at car shows.

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