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My 78 RH drive Auzzie yellow King cab .. in the UK


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Here's an ebay purchase that I had posted from Brisbane (Oz)  to England some months back. I wanted an original tub back one but they seem almost impossible to find in Oz (I was even looking in Thailand and other countries) So I saw this king cab tray back on Ebay , bid and got it.



Luckily a helpful Ratsun member in Oregon sold me a bed and I shipped that across the pond to make a whole truck. The trayback was already removed before it arrived in England anyway. 


Truck spec:


4 speed floor shift

Balljoint front suspension

Dual cylinder drum brakes.

1 ton capacity.

Colour: 411 yellow.

Interior: Black vinyl buckets.

Vehicle condition: Poor



The bed.....



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Maybe a steering box. (actually i could really use a 520 or 521 steering box at the moment (RHD)


Buying the truck was not all that expensive..Transporting it to other side of Brisbane, paying someone to clean it, remove the tray, and load it in a container, pay for the container, pay the import tax, pay for the UK container delivery.. THAT was the expensive part.


When I see 620s getting junked with really not that much wrong with them in other countries it makes me cringe. They are SO RARE here. I bought a 520 off someone on here in Idaho, no rust, but it didn't run, needed lots of mechanical stuff. He couldn't give the thing away.. got it for next to nothing. Cost me about $3500 by the time i got it back to England and got it working though! Its the only one in England.

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Balljoints and drums?  Wow, they actually did that.  And a RHD King Cab.  I didn't know there was such thing a a  KN620.


I recall about a decade and a half ago "Ratdat" in Great Britain had tried to find an original bed for years with no luck.  He had bits and pieces of the bed, but not the floor, and a perfectly restored cab & Chassis with no way to complete it.  He has since sort of disappeared from the Datsun scene.

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what am I missing here all 78 620's are balljoint trucks 


Balljoints and drums?  Wow, they actually did that.  



even pre-78 620's.??


Yes all the UK spec 620s had balljoints and drums (two wheel cylinders per brake.. double leading shoe)

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Sorry that was unclear, we only got 620s from around '77 so I've only ever seen them with balljoints, but its possible there were some king pin models early on. In any case, we never got the disc brake, and the only engine we got in the 620 was the J15.. same as Australia, and we never got the King Cab.

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