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Timing cover


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What you dont want to hear is most likely is the antifreeze will be in the oil if the front cover is bad behind the water pump area. when it pressurizes then water gets in oil pan!!!!!!!!!!!

this happens from cavitation (lack of good antifreeze) must be changed out every 3/5 yrs esp with alum heads and covers.



I would fush it out first a couple times then look. Might be nothing

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Does anyone know if an L16 timing cover will fit an L18 engine? I assume mine is cracked because I have oil in the antifreeze, and I have an L16 engine for parts, thanks



Hard for oil to get into the coolant, usually the other way round. If oily sheen on coolant in the rad, this could indicate a failing head gasket. Compression and combustion gasses might be forcing their way into the coolant. Does your rad need topping up every few days? Does it over heat? 

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The gasket between the block and cover could be leaking. If you pull the water pump off, you'll see the water passage. Looked like a place for trouble when I did my timing chain. If the gasket leaks, the water runs right down into the pan.

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Doesn't burn any coolant, and no coolant in the oil, only oil in the coolant, the truck has done this for years and was parked, i recently read a post that someone else had this problem, and that they found a crack in the timing cover, i am going to rip it apart soon and check it out, the engine runs excellent otherwise. I assume it would leak into the coolant because the oil pressure is around 40 psi and the coolant pressure never exceeds 16 psi.

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