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engine/transmission removal... help please!


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I been pulling and disconnecting the wiring, bout to drain the radiator and slave cylinder. I only see 2 bolts under my 620 at the transmission. Aside of the connections in the engine bay, are those two bolts the only thing that needs to be disconnected at the rear end of the engine and transmission to remove them from the truck? Please help with experience. . Thanks!

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Don't NEED to disconnect the driveshaft- it'll fall out on it's own.  Have something soft and disposable for it to fall on, though.  Or put a bungee across under the front half to keep it from falling.


Oh, and those 2 bolts?  Heck of a lot easier if you take out all 6- the 2 at the trans mount, and the 2 on each side of the crossmember.  Then remove the crossmember.  You'll have to tilt the engine quite a bit to get it out, so hopefully you drained the transmission first.  Makes a mess otherwise..

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Instead of draining the master, just unbolt the slave from the transmission and tie out of the way on the torsion bar. Be sure to secure the pushrod so that the weight of hydraulic fluid in the line above does not push the slave piston out. Saves removing lines and bleeding it later.

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