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  1. I saw this picture while searching for information. Is there are better description on how to make this work that you know of?
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows or is there and build threads that discuss converting the distributor in to using coil packs. I have a s14 Ka24de that I am currently setting up a turbo on. I would like to possibly convert it to use coil packs rather than running a weak spark from the distributor. Is there any info out there? Please help me. Thank you!
  3. No, that is not the issue. My engine is a s14 240sx ka24de. I bought a Tomei Turbo Manifold and have a garret T25 turbo. I am just trying to find some information on what options I have being that now I have a turbocharged vehicle. Yet my ECU is not an ECU that is tuned for the turbo. Saying that, aftermarket ECU's are very expensive.
  4. Hello all, I am looking for some help with or information on what product or ECU I need to find or buy to finish my Ka24det project. I was hoping to get my stock ecu re-mapped rather than buying a new aftermarket ECU stand alone. Does anyone have any information on this topic?
  5. I forgot to post a picture after the new 4x4 leafs with new wheels and tires.
  6. I don't think they have anymore, but none the less a good source
  7. I found the set at japanese truck dismantling in Wilmot .
  8. Took half of the day, but I found some..Not to lazy today Mike!
  9. Easy as that aye? With 3 inch blocks should sit nice on 16"s. No fabrication?
  10. I know some of you guys installed the 4x4 720 leaf springs. Can you guys send me in the right direction of some of these installs in these Ratsun forums?
  11. Thanks man! It was busted when I bought the pic up, but all good and worth the money now!
  12. Stoked with the restoration. Fully functional, with no air leaks.
  13. What is the deal with 720 leafs? Will they bolt up to my 620 and lower the vehicle?
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