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Strange A/C problems


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The whole story:


The compressor belt was squeaking,so i replaced the belt. 

Then the A/C was blowing less cold day by day until it was mostly useless. 

I added Freon but it still didn't really cool. 


Here's the strange part, the link below shows the drier.

The little bolt has a small valve that is leaking and green, likely from previous owner trying to diagnose a leak. 

Today I saw metal flakes come out of the valve and fall onto the assembly. 





I'm 90% sure this means the compressor is done but I would also like to hear other opinions. 


The drier also looks like original equipment. wheeeee!

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2-55 A/C system installed. 

Not your fancy-schmancy 3-55 or 4-55, I mean, I'm no billionair. 


Found metal flakes in a couple of pipes. The condenser looks like original equipment, as is the dryer. The pulley was also shot. 

I'll try to take apart the compressor just for the experience and to see what failed. 

I might sell the low pressure hose on Ebay as it looks brand new with foam insulation. 


If there is any compressor tear down carnage, I will post pics. 

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When my A/C is running, it totally changes the idle of my truck.  Not just a steady increase in speed, but a "throbbing".  Is that normal for a 720?


Yes it's sounds somewhat normal. When you engage the a/c compressor it puts a load on the engine which drops the idle but if your running stock carb there should be an idle up on it. When you turn the compressor on it send a signal the a vacuum switch on the top right in your engine bay. That switch opens and gives vacuum to the idle up solenoid on the carb. to increase the idle and make up for that load. And if your a/c is turning on and off your likely low on refrigerant  and you probably have a leak somewhere.


The compressor was original equipment, and originally used R12.


I was able to push open the suction valve and saw some more metal flakes (where else are they going to come from?


It also required a special extractor to remove the clutch, so I gave up and tossed it. 


One less thing I suppose. 


Your compressor likely went out. What probably happened is your drier went bad and leaked out all the refrigerant. Refrigerant carry's oil to the compressor so when it all leaked out it also leaked out the compressor oil. That's why you see metal flakes because your compressor was pumping dry and is now bad. 


Not all oil travels with the refrigerant but after some time it eventually get it all out after using the a/c.

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Well, it was actually leaking out of the drier. It was a slow leak but manageable. 

Then I noticed the metal flakes. 


Soon after it ceased cooling but would not take anymore freon. 


None of the rest of the system had any obvious leaks. 


Also, when draining the freon, it was bright yellow green and was clumping. 

Possibly a leak sealer. 


It is also the leak sealer in combination with the metal flakes caused the clog. 


Except for the new suction line, it was all original equipment. 

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If the drier was the initial leak where it all started then it would've leaked out leaving the compressor dry to start flaking up. If you recharged it and didn't put oil back in the system it probably ruined the compressor.


Did you evac the system when you put the new suction line on?

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oh.well now that you know its shot what are you gonna do now?


If the a/c lines are still good I would suggest getting a new evap. core, new drier, new condenser and new compressor. But if your trying to save some money then flushing out the evap. core and condenser should be fine. The driers are cheap, well I got mine for like $11 bucks.

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