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Carb adapter plate


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I recently picked up a Weber 32/36 off a L20 truck in the scrap yard. This carb has the two inch adapter plate. Will this work on my L16 besides not fitting under the hood after the airfilter is installed. Let me know if anyone else is running one of these or has tried it out. I like the way it looks and have two hoods so I was thinking of cutting a nice neat square where the Weber chrome airfilter sticks out and putting a small scoop on it.....I know some of you guys hate to see a Datto 510 all hacked up but thats what I like to do on my project cars....something other than stock looking:p

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Yes the trade sounds like a possibility. First I want to get it running. Then I may decide to hack a small square hole in my hood and add a Z trurbo scoop...I dunno. Another option I have is to change the weber air filter to a thinne one. The one I have is 1.75 and I heard they make down to 1 inch??? Has anyone seen or use a filter that thin???? Let me know

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Hey can somebody look at the my pics above and tell me if the spacer (brown fenolic plate) is in the right spot below the 2 inch adapter? I have a feeling it should be below the carb! between the carb and the spacer?????


You got it right

besides, it won't fit on top of the adapter.


About putting a scoop on your hood, why not just remove high beam light on the driver side. This will give you the same effect as the scoop.

Just like this..





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