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light proplem

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Just to let you guys know when I went to HIGHs on my 510 that I lost all lights expect the driver side HIGH beam.


just using a TEST light to ground and there was no 12volts to either side(as both sides hare 12volts when OFF)


Turn on ,nothing.

Ck fuses ,all look good

wiggle connector then the relays started clinking

Cleaned connectord that plugged in to fuse box all worked good after than.



lesson learned

Its corrossion most of the time


Datsun wiring is not BAD and dont be splicing if you dont have to.

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the adage holds true...when you think it fuel, its electrical. when you think its electrical, its electrical.


get out the hammer :lol:




i fixed 2 simple electrical issues a few weekends ago.


1 bad fusible link on a FJ swap caused by a 0.49 fuse holder that overheated and melted the holder and solder in the end caps.


second was likely the same conncetors as yours, except the brake lights worked on the way there, on the way back nothing. the second time i seperated the connector, the contact desintegrated. off a 69 that the current 2nd owner said he had never looked at before.


both took ~10 min to diagnose & fix (w/parts on hand)




ALWAYS check the easy stuff first!

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