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rb20det on craigslist

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it is a crime to put a 4 cylinder in a Z


that is all


I think a SR powered z is the way to go, think of how many pounds it sheds. Did you see the vid of the high HP SR Z car? That vid made me want one.

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SR in a Z = rice


I wonder if you can bore out the RB20DET and stick the 2.5L pistons in there. :)


Listen to that guy... "spend major amounts of money on a car"

He's not even a Z fan. Its just some sports car to him. He sold it anyway.

You can stick that SR in a 240SX.

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Watch this and tell me its a crime;)



This guy has too much cash.


I love that vid :D SR are so much better than any straight 6 :P

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