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New 1980 720 kc 4wd owner


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Hi everybody! Decided it was about time I introduced myself and my truck. I picked up this 1980 720 late last year and have slowly been restoring it and getting it road worthy. I did drive it home about 35 miles but it had several problems including excessive free play in the steering, poor brakes and electrical issues.

I will include updated pictures and a list of what I have done to it in a future post but for now I will keep this a short introduction.


A little about me.. Well I live in LA, I'm 28 and have been working on cars professionally and as a hobby since I was a freshman in high school. I did the drifting thing for 10 years with several 240s but as I get older i find myself needing a vehicle to explore the outdoors and to get off the beaten path. I have big plans for this truck and plan to keep it around until one of us dies and I will take good care of her.


Ok here is a pic of how she looked when I bought her.

I will post some updating pics soon.




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Just so you know that is an '81 hood. The '80 hoods didn't have the two louvers. 4x4s got blacked out front bumpers and 2wd got chrome. At least all the ones I have seen are this way. After all these years lots of things get traded around. If I had an '80 I would want the louvered hood too.

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1980 hoods have louvers in the hood near the back like in the photos below.






This is a true 1980 hood, a one year hood, there are always a few vehicles that run over to other years, like I see the 81-82 hood on titled 83 vehicles a lot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these vehicles are getting old, people damage body parts all the time, and replace them with what ever is available.

I also have to disagree with the statement that all 720 fenders are not the same, 80 threw 86 fenders all interchange, only the accessories like the marker lights that connect to the fenders are different, but the front sheet metal that bolts to the fenders is different depending on the year, 80 thru 82 are basically the same, and 83 thru 86 are basically the same, the changes were made to accommodate the different bumpers, grills, and headlight mount positions.

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Ha ha, learn something every day. Never noticed the '80 louvers before wayno. Nice. There are 4 'different' 720 hoods that all interchange. 80, 81-Oct. '82, Nov. '82-'84 and '85 and up


The fender side marker lights are different shape so I think the fenders are also slightly different to reflect this.. All fenders will bolt on and interchange but you will need to keep the marker lights in them if swapping through Oct. '82. Also the holes for the emblem may be different? 2wd and 4x4 marker light bezels are chrome and black respectively.

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All 720 front fenders are the same shape and have the same mounting holes, the later corner marker lights were made to fit the fenders as they were originally made in 1980, as for holes in them for badges, that is important yes, but not something that will effect the bolting of necessary hardware to make the truck legal to drive.

As I said before, the front sheet metal between the fenders changed over the years for grill changes and such, so if you want to use a early grill on a later truck, all you have to do is remount the headlights in the other 4 mount holes in the later core support that are 1 inch higher, put the early front sheet metal on to match the early grill, and use the early side marker lights to match the grill.

That is what I did to this 1984 Nissan 720 in the photo below, but I used the 84 bumper, so the cooling holes are in the wrong place for that bumper.


These are 84 fenders with 1980-82 front hardware except for the bumper.


Here is a Nissan fender, you can see the badge.


Here is an unmarked fender that I actually don't know the year of, they have the same hole for the corner marker lights.


Here is an early corner marker light(80-82).


Here is a later marker light(83+)






All 720 front fenders are the same, it's the front sheet metal between the fenders that changed to fit the taller grill.


By the way, the early trucks did not come with the holes to mount the headlights lower so that one could put the later grill on the early truck, it only works the other way, you cannot go forward in time, only backwards.

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