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610 leaving the States


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I saw a 610 with the triple tail-light setup about a week ago. I stopped today to look at it and the mechanic working on it (it was at a shop) stepped out to talk with me. Turns out this one was bought in Minnisota, shipped here for repairs, and will then be shipped to Saudia Arabia for sale. The body looked great (no visible cancer), but interior was thrashed. While I can't see it going for much in it's present condition it seems that the owner thinks he can make great money going throug all this to sell the car. I just hate to see the thing go, but I know I don't have the money to try and buy it. If you're interested it's in Cheney, Washington next to a Jarms Pump Service on 1st Street (main street effectively). I didn't stop to get the shop info, but since Jarms is next door you can google it, call them, and ask for the contact info. If you want try and buy it, go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sorry, no pics, but is Limon green if that helps.

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Hello everyone, so i became a member of this community not so long ago. I was wondering what my first post would be, and i saw this, which got my attention. 

For starters let me give you the good version of this 610's story. I bought the car on Sep/2013 of Ebay from Pasco WA, which is about 2 hours from where i live. 

The mechanic kinda understood the story wrong and that I don't understand, he had the title and everything, even license plats said WA on them but who cares. I'm not willing to sell the car, in fact, it's what I work on in my free time and it's starting to come together nicely. Nothing major was done to it, though it absolutely needs some body work, and paint job along with interior. The reason I'm really interested in this car is not money, IT'S A 180B for God sake. I have an other Red 180B the same year back home that is in perfect condition, which I accidentally found on NY's craigslist. Back home we had a good number of 610s, for some reason very few ppl kept their cars, now only the lucky ones have those in operating condition the rest are not even good for parts because of extreme heat ( 120F ish in Summer). and about shipping the car overseas, it's not going anywhere far from WA I still have at least 4 years in college, so it's staying till i finish. 


It's interesting that one would come across a story about his own car. See this is one thing I liked about Ratsun community, is that even if someone liked a thing pretty much they would still pass it to others who will benefit from it. Good job Ratsun :thumbup:  by the way please don't feel offended by this, I just wanted to make the story brighter for others. And I'll do my best to be a member of this community if you guys helped me to be one of you. I'll post pics once I clean it, cuz it's been sitting for over 13 years so lots of work is needed. But i can only accomplish this with your help. I won't hesitate to ask for help and you guys don't hesitate to reach out for any matter, maybe I can help who knows  :unsure:




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