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  1. Glad you made it bro, so what was it anyway?
  2. Datsunawi

    Auction in Utah

    ^ what this guy said, and if you make a new account you will have a limit of $1k, no dealer license needed, no broker needed. another thing you can do, during auction time go to the location ahead of time and talk to the people buying/dealers, and ask them to buy the car for you and give me some money for their service.
  3. Finally the bitch is out on the streets...Victory! BTW I texted your ass yesterday, did you not get it...
  4. Datsunawi

    Super slow... normal?

    you figured out the shaking source?? If not I would suggest checking the driveshaft bearing/carrier (someone correct the name of the part if wrong), anyways, it will be located at the middle of the driveshaft, with the driveshaft going through it. when these go bad, the car vibrates increasingly as you go up in speed, and specially if you apply more power. it will happen very strong, if you take off hard. Let us know. And please post some pics, would love to see another 810. NOTE: if nothing makes sense feel free to say so, English is not my mother tongue. Best, Moe
  5. Datsunawi

    gatoland BBQ #1 3/13/2016 Pasco, WA

    Thanks man! Light Blue, 4 door, is my dime, and will be making a thread pretty soon.
  6. Datsunawi

    gatoland BBQ #1 3/13/2016 Pasco, WA

    Just made it home, and Matt probably will be home in a bit. Was a great BBQ! Glad I came and saw/met all of you guys. Thanks for hosting Flatcat, you are the MAN! Best of Luck, Moe
  7. Datsunawi

    gatoland BBQ #1 3/13/2016 Pasco, WA

    Hey Flatcat add one here, will be rolling out with HRH maybe a friend will be ridding along. See you guys soon
  8. Datsunawi

    What to do for a race car?

    Well that was a fun run! Pulls nicely in 2nd, I'm not an expert in autocross, though couldn't you go a little faster in taking curves?
  9. Datsunawi

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    77 810 in Cali $500 http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/5232793833.html
  10. Datsunawi

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    This s**t is scary https://youtu.be/JtowX2Jg6cA
  11. Datsunawi

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    http://portland.craigslist.org/nco/cto/5169104991.html Someone really needs to snach this beauty
  12. Datsunawi

    Frenchie's beaten project restoration

    This is nice! like what you did to restore the frame...Keep'em pics comin :thumbup:
  13. Well bro, BS like that came even before Stephen Hawking approved it right after the movie Limitless, and they even had someone try it. Check this out: https://youtu.be/PAKS0aVhGto
  14. Hahaha, you did it. Congrats! And nice wheel covers on the trailer :rofl: ...
  15. Datsunawi

    810 HELP! in California Santa Clarita

    Update: Alright first thank you all for the great suggestions, without your help I couldn't have made it. And this is what made Datsun "Ratsun" Community different in the first place, is knowing people, working on cars and making the time useful in all ways. DHP123166: your help was highly appreciated, letting me use your place says a lot about you man... :thumbup: So, I after we flushed the radi and took thermostat out, test drove it and the temperature sat cooler than before, so that gave me confidence in leaving, then DHP suggested taking US101 route and that solved the problem of going up hills on the I-5. Left at around 1ish pm after 23 hours and 1100 miles I made it with no issues to speak of. It did over heat but that due to extremely hot weather around 104F. Once night hit i was able to drive at higher speeds with no issues at all... Again thank you all.. This at DHPs place... :D

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