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  1. Since we don't have a thread for Craigslist or other outside posts for sale vehicles here's something I found a bit ago. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/5670393383.html
  2. I saw a 610 with the triple tail-light setup about a week ago. I stopped today to look at it and the mechanic working on it (it was at a shop) stepped out to talk with me. Turns out this one was bought in Minnisota, shipped here for repairs, and will then be shipped to Saudia Arabia for sale. The body looked great (no visible cancer), but interior was thrashed. While I can't see it going for much in it's present condition it seems that the owner thinks he can make great money going throug all this to sell the car. I just hate to see the thing go, but I know I don't have the money to try and bu
  3. Thanks for the info. This is a better start to finding the help I've needed than any of the previous attempts I've tried from local ricers. Might consider threads that point out local mechanics in various regions that could help others. This seems to have worked for me.
  4. I honestly haven't been able to find a sole here who knows anything about this car or many of the other non-Z Datsun cars for that matter. It has been incredibly frustrating when you're trying to keep a car on the road.
  5. Okay here's the issue. I own a '79 310 (aka pulsar/cherry). It is a FWD manual and I have had all kinds of hell dealing with mechanic shops around here who look at it and say things like "that's carbureted" or "I didn't know Datsun made a FWD". Needless to say getting a solid fix for this cars woes has been troublesome, but it was my daily driver until today when it started sputtering and quitting. While I have a manual to fix it myself with stock replacement parts, my job requires alot of my time (more then I can spend trying to work on this myself) and I would really like to talk to someone
  6. update It should make it down there just fine. just remember that this a car made to go 55mph on a freeway, not 70mph. It really doesn't like it, so you'd have to plan your route accordingly. Second suggestion, and I think this is true for any older car, is to remember to check your oil with each gas fill-up. it does well enough that I only change it as I normally would (3000 miles), but it doesn't mean you shouldn't look. As for the june timetable, the only problem is that we are in the process of getting ready for a property sale and move. While I don't expect to see the property sold th
  7. Last Bump I'm doing as my truck is nearly up to running status and the car will be garaged until sale or parting out. Still the same $800 price with the same contact info as above. Hope someone comes for it. Thanks for reading.
  8. Okay update. Car got some new $400 tires, but on an inspection and oil change turns out it is leaking a small amount of oil. Now I got three options sell it quickly and let someone who likes these things deal with it, tear it apart to sell on ebay/craiglist and crush the rest for recyclable cash, tear it apart and start a full resto-mod project. Considering my desire to work on this car as it just isn't my thing I would prefer sale. So, I've changed the Price to $800 hoping a fan will take it as I hate to see a good car die. If it is not picked up soon the second option will likely com into pl
  9. suspension, anyone have some hints on where I can get some simple bolt in replacements?
  10. okay I've figured out that this car is in need of some fresh springs. unfortunately I'm having some trouble locating replacements. I'll update if I find any.
  11. sorry, about not being able to respond faster, and thanks for using the email that I at least see more often. hope everything is going well for you since last we spoke. only new updates on it are some new headlights (since one low beam went out). good luck all, and look forward to hearing from any buyers still.
  12. another update, water pump changed for another lifetime part. thermostat and top hose replaced as well. Hope it generates some interest.
  13. you want it, you can still buy it. can deliver to in a reasonable range.
  14. As it turns out you were right since i just changed the clutch. As a note the price is now $1200 since repairs and restoration work is continuing. I may dislike the car myself, but for some reason I can't stop myself once i start a project.
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