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Parts needed for 81 510

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I had written a post all about how I got this 81 510, how my son and I worked to get it running (replaced a broken valve) and put a weber on it.  But, when I tried to insert a picture I lost the whole thing.  Long-story, short, I finally got the timing right (with the help of Ratsun members) and got it started.  It ran pretty smooth but it smokes.  It has been sitting for a year now and I plan to get back to it and make it a daily driver along with my 70 521.  Who knows, it may mean pulling the motor and doing a complete re-build.


I need some parts for it.  On the passenger side there is a black vent-looking gas cap cover.  On the drivers side its just a black vent blank.  My drivers side one is missing.  Also, on the front fenders there was an emblem, probably "Datsun" in 81 since they were co-branded that year w/ Nissan.  Both are missing.


If I could find a passenger side front fender that would be great.  But I think I can bang this one out if I have to.  But, the side-marker light is missing. 


Also, what are good options for seat replacements?  Other Nissan cars that might fit well?  The ones in it are darker blue buckets but are in bad shape.  I'll try to work on getting some pics up.


I posted an ad in classifieds


Grants Pass, OR

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