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    See CL ad for pics and other info. https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/murphy-datsun-trucks-and-parts-datsun/7164437979.html Selling;Very Rare 1960 "PLG-222" Datsun Pickup Truck (the baby blue one). There were 253 of these sold in the U.S. The truck is 99% complete/all there. I intended to do a complete rebuild but life has changed courses. It currently has a 1200cc motor that is not the original 1200cc "E" motor. But, it also comes with an E motor/transmission in addition to the motor in it. A couple years ago we put some gas and a battery in it and it started up/ran. Will make a very rare/cool project for someone. (This is not the more common PLG-320 which was from late 1961 to 1965 even though we do have one of those for sale as well.) Look up the Datsun PL222 online such as Wikipedia. Clean title in hand. $7000.Also, very rare 1961 "PLG-223" Datsun Pickup. There were only 113 of these sold/registered in the U.S. This one is in rougher shape than the 222 but still has a lot to work with. Could be rebuilt or used for parts. Comes with a "J15" motor. No title.Also, a PLG320. We have started this one up a couple times and we have run it around the yard. Body is rough and it needs work on brakes, fuel lines, etc. Clean title.Four L20b motors (see pics):#1 - U67 Head, condition unknown: $200#2 - W58 Head, condition unknown: $200#3 - W58 Head, condition unknown: $200#4 - U67 Head. I purchased this motor from a gentleman's estate sale. According to his son, he had bought it with the transmission out of a totaled truck that had around 30,000 miles on it. He just needed the tranny at the time and saved the motor but never used it and then passed away. You can see from the photos that the paint inside the air cleaner still looks new. $600Lots of other misc Datsun items as shown in some of the pics including kangaroo bags, Nissan wheel chocks, jacks, new brake drums, cylinders (for 521 but may fit others).Serious inquiries only.No shipping; local pick up only.Not interested in any trades and will not hold items.Located near Grants Pass, OregonBest method to contact is via email or text (I don't often answer unknown numbers/robo-calls).541-seven six one-PLAN


    Grants Pass, Oregon - US

  2. Two 521 trucks, package deal. As the ad states, I also have some L-20b motors, transmissions and 521 parts available. https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/grants-pass-two-datsun-521-trucks/6793418806.html
  3. 1970 510 - Four Door. $4500 OBO https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/grants-pass-1970-datsun-510/6793399161.html
  4. Oregon_PLG222

    521 backfiring

    To add my experience to what Datsunmike said, I found that the electronic dizzy I was putting in my 70 521 and my 70 510 fit best at 180 degrees from the original that I pulled out. I just swapped the plug wires accordingly (rotated them around two spaces.) There are some good posts on here about the wiring and other considerations. One post is something like "lose the points"
  5. My son tells me he has a set of dual weber 40's that he is willing to trade for one of my weber 32/36's for a Toyota he's putting together. I haven't seen them yet so i don't know much about them. But, I'm thinking they would work if I can find a manifold to fit them to the l20b.
  6. I was wondering about using dual Hitachi carbs from a 67.5 r16 roadster on an L20B and I found this post. Are they the "SU Hitachi" mentioned here? My wife has several sets of her many roadsters if I can talk her out of them. I picked up 3 l20b's (unknown condition) and I have one original sitting in the garage with 30k miles. I picked up a 219 head with a "Cal cams" cam and I also have a set of headers. I'm not an expert on building a high performance engine and my 521 and 510 are both pretty stock now (except a weber on the 510). I'm thinking about having one of the unknown
  7. Well, I went out to the garage to check for more casting numbers. Lo and behold, it is a 219. It's in rough shape but sounds like it is special enough to invest some money into. :-)
  8. Thanks. That's very helpful. I am curious to find out more on the "219" head and what makes it special. When I grabbed this, my thought was to puti it on an L20B along with a weber and the headers and drop it in my 70 510. I was told by previous owner the car has an L18 with an L16 head. I have not verified that. The car had sat for 20 years. I went through all brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, masters, etc. I also put the weber on it. It runs nice and smooth now. But, I figure the L20b with this head, etc. would be a pretty good setup. Obviously, I need to take it into th
  9. On the non-manifold side, there is an "S" between # 2 and 3. There is an "M" on the side of the timing chain cover. There is a "7" on the end that would be facing the firewall. That's it for markings that I can see. I don't have a loose L20 manifold to try on it. But, I have a set of headers that fit right up on it. Any ideas as to what it is from?
  10. I haven't had a chance to try to clean it up yet but I think its just grime on the lobes. I was going to try to take it into the shop tomorrow and see what they say about going through it and cleaning it up. To Mike's comment about it not being an L20B head, do you recognize what it might be? There's very little markings. Will it work (do any good) on an L20B?
  11. Here's a couple pics of the head and cam. Yes, Banzai510, I would love to run dual mikunis. But, probably not a option since I don't have any and I'm guessing they're pretty spendy. I do have several sets of carbs from 67 roadster. I'm not sure if they would work and what manifold I'd need. Anyway, you can see the cam info in the pic. Any info helps
  12. What's the normal compression on a stock L20? I'm going to measure the cam lobes tomorrow on a stock one and compare them to the cal cams one. The head has been sitting a long time and its got some oxidation and the cam lobes need cleaned up. I might put this head on my 30k original mile L20 and stick the weber carb on it. I also have some headers but I heard something about putting them on; like it's hard to tune or something.
  13. Nice find. Glad to see another one still on the road.
  14. Yes, that's the on I've got in the bottom picture. Know anything about the cam? What's the good and bad about putting a peanut head on an L20?
  15. I picked up a L-motor head this week. I'm pretty sure it is a peanut head. It's got the kidney bean shaped recesses. It has a cam in it with writing and engraving on the end. It says, Cal cams 11-8-96-W or, read upside down it's, M-96-8-11 It also says "Lash pads 200" Anyone know anything about this?
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