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new here, been creepin for a month, here's my ratty 620 with ford 2.8l v6


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76 620,


Picked this nasty beast up recently and am also new to the Datsun scene.  Previously I've been a huge VW andBMW nerd but have lost interest. 


The goods:

2.8l ford v6 that runs like a raped date.


Minimal rust.



The bad:

Every last bit of wiring has been redone at least 3 times by crackheads,   lots of really crappy splicing and generally just a huge mess.

Brakes are toast

interior is toast 

only gauges that work are the speedo and gas.

it's stink bug stanced

had og american mirrors and giant 300lb towhitch bumper.

tires are toast

paints toast

dings and dents here and there


What I've done in the last 3 months:


Completely replaced underhood electrical and simplified.

Installed duraspark ignition

new alternator

gutted california egr garbage and plugged

gutted interior and am repainting, carpeting, and these are going in. 



More pics and build stuff to come,  I'm keeping it oldschool, going for this look only orange and black with some war flag bits throughout, no numbers but scallops and salt flat caps for sure.






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Post a want ad in the classifieds for a complete wire harness for '76... the '75-'77 620 should work also. To get the temp gauge working you need to adapt a Nissan sender or get an after market gauge for a ford?. Seats are not very comefortable nor safe looking. Find some thin buckets that will fit a standard cab without hiting the rear window. Something with a head rest. Driver comefort is important it's more enjoyable to drive and less tiring. Trust me on this. Most 620 brakes are the same up through '77. Ford, GM 6 bolt 14" rims will fit as will Toyota, Izzusu Trooper, Mazda, in fact just about any 6 bolt.

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Thanks all! 


Truck's running good now, I've got most of the wiring cleaned up, i still need to wrap everything up though.   I do want to replace the factory harness to clean out the rest of the bugs. 


Bomber seats went in yesterday,




lowered the rear to level it out


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Thanks!! So I'm gunna remove the side trim soon. I can't decide if i want to just leave it nasty and full of holes from the trim and random add on tiedowns or fill them. The truck has a lot if dings and small dents, a bit of body rot and a crapped out paint job. I want to leave it ratty but the paint isn't good ratty, it's chips and flakesand dents ratty... Any thoughts? I've been thinking about just blending the chips out and just waxing what's there, i can do body work pretty well but i kinda want to leave that to someone else.

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Nice truck and welcome!  I remember seeing this on CL for a while.  Glad someone on here snagged it up.  


Keep up the work, as for the side trim I would leave it on if its in good shape.  Don't see many 620 with it.  I wouldn't worry about the dings and dents unless you are making it a show truck.  Just fix the necessities, keep that worn in look.  Just my two cents


EDIT:  I would also get the same size tires all around.  It looks like you have skinny ones up front and wide in the rear?

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At JVB,  Hahaha, ya I wish you would have gone and looked at it, the girl who sold it to me, her grandfather is a datsun pickup FANATIC!!  He's got at least 1 of each generation, 320 on up, and a hill of parts for each one!!!  Unfortunately he's a bit tweaky (no joke, the whole family is) shut in that wants serious gold for all of it!! As for the tires, ya they're two different sizes, they were going for the 70's dragster look and when I got it the big ones ere actually on the front!   The roommate and I ended up talking them down to $850 on it because it was so tore up when the daughter showed it to us.  


As for the body, ya the trims pretty beat and missing the rubbers in some pieces but I'm also thinking that if I remove it the paints kinda nasty there anywise so I'd have to deal with that too...  I'm pretty sure I'm going to leave it alone though and just clean up whats there.

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I would have looked at it if it was closer to me.  The body looks pretty nice to me.  Just give it a good wax and you will be amazed.


Ahh tweaker car guys.  It's kinda scary when you get vehicles from them.  My parts truck came from a guy the same way.  I was amazed at the stuff he was trying to do.  If I remember right they were asking 1600?  So thats a pretty good talk down.  I think you did good on it!  


Are you going to keep the v6?

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Yup, it runs too good, if it ends up blowing a head gasket (which I guess that 2.8l is notorious for) I was thinking about replacing it with the 2.9l or going balls out and putting a 302 in it but I'm pretty sure I won't own it long enough for that to happen.  This pickup is kindof like a spring board into the datsun world for me, I really want to get into a 510 wagon or there's a few b210's around here I've been looking at.


Other thing I've been thinkin about is once I get this truck into good solid visual and running shape I was thinking about going back to that guys house and seeing if he'd be down to trade into one of his 520"s.


I dunno we'll see. 

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Also, random question, anybody else have a problem with the dif hitting the bed after a 3" drop on the rear...

Did you remove the bumper stops?  Did you also remove any leaf springs?  It is common for it to hit after a 3in. drop.  Most will recommend getting Nissan Hardbody 4x4 leafs because they are stiffer.


I would upgrade to a goon.  That was my first choice but I came across a very nice 620 so I got it instead.

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Not positive but they said it came from a capri, I've been able to cross reference parts from both though.  it's a cologne 2.8...  it was such a hot mess when i got it but it runs like a champ now, probably one of the quickest vehicles i've owned, i've had a lot of fun with it seeing how as it's such a sleeper!


Hey by chance do you know if there's any clubs or meets in the area?  I've noticed a few really nice 620's around lately, maybe we should all get together at some point this summer have a bbq or something...

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Hey by chance do you know if there's any clubs or meets in the area?  I've noticed a few really nice 620's around lately, maybe we should all get together at some point this summer have a bbq or something...


every now and then... mostly then.... i know Eric "my daily routine" was trying to get something going in a couple months. 

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It had points, I had to convert it to duraspark.  Not sure on the trans,or if the motor's the euro or not,  I'm gunna get under there today and write down some numbers and figure it out.  I'd like to pick up one of the offenhauser 4brl intakes for it at some point, and i guess they made a supercharger for it at one point but I'm assuming those are long gone.  gotta do some more research. 

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