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From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

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You, datzenmike, are a god. Thank you. Here are some more pictures. I don't know when I'll get around to this video crap. I end up just getting exhaust from working, drinking beer, and then I post on the internet and fall asleep.


The day started with cleaning the block and internals.




I managed to recruit the help of some neighbors.




Thanks, neighbors.




Before painting.




After painting. I decided on a nice neon-vomit green.



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I got a little bit of engine work done today.




I had to take a field trip to a buddy's house to borrow a torque wrench since I loaned my out 15 minutes before I needed to use it. He was in the process of rebuilding an RX-8.




I ran into some fitment issues with the timing cover and the new timing chain guides so I will have to hash that out tomorrow.



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I spent the morning scraping gasket (ughhh) and I got a new 35mm lens. Fun! Not much happened today as I'm about sick of scraping gasket; maybe I'll get crackin' later tonight. Time to enjoy the weather a bit. B)




You could have done glass ball blasting on the head, it's fairly cheap. Here is my before and after:




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Got some more bits installed on the engine and after adjusting the valve lash, I thought it was time for a hefeweizen.




I'm about sick of having to do this. This engine likes to eat bolts and force me to drill and tap new threads.




It's coming along.



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It's not going to clean itself.




I had to port the manifold to better suit the new 60mm throttle body.




I'm no professional but at least it has a better chance at life now.




Finished building the board for the ECU. Just got to make a few tweaks.



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Okay, I was just thinking that too big throttle body replacement would cause suffering when running on low speeds :) (solution would have been progressive throttle body) But looks good, keep it up :) more pictures this weekend?

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The larger bore TB was just a bonus. I got the S13 TB for its TPS which is progressive, unlike the S130 TB which is pretty much on or off e.g. WOT or idle.


I finally got the intake manifold all buttoned up and was getting ready to finish the engine when I realized I don't have gaskets for the exhaust side of the turbo. Piss.... Well, I guess I'll knock out the differential and floor pans until they come in. Tomorrow I'll start on that and I'll do another video. I think I'll do weekly video updates with pictures in between.




As far as the rocker cover goes, I started sanding it to prep it for painting but then I decided it looks pretty cool like this. It has an interesting vintage look. I think I'll keep it this way.



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