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1970 Datsun 521 Z24 Swap need help!

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The Z24 sits about 20 degrees rotated to the driver's side. The L16 oil pan will not be level and will be tilted down on the driver's side. God knows about the oil pick up tube.


I'm assuming you are using the transmission that was on the Z24???

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I am using the transmission from the Z24. Yes. It is a four speed. Which I saw is an option for an 88 hardbody. We got everything to fit correctly with the oil pan and oil pickup, so that isn't a problem. We were actually thinking about shortening the mount like it was posted above because that is what it looked like, so we will do that, thank you Charlie for that! We also are going to run two MSD ignitions on it instead of the factory coils.. We are going to try to plug off some of the vacuum lines because try are definitely not attractive and unnecessary. In the end we still have a lot to do in only 10 days. I've been working on it every day after school, and work. I'll get pictures up to make sense of everything.

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If you do not need to go through a state emissions inspection you can remove all except the distributor vacuum.  You can also loose the EGR when running a Weber. even with the correct Weber adapter you will still need to elongate one of the bolt holes on the Weber base plate. 

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Look at the oil pan. L16 will be about 20 degrees tilted down on the driver's side. This will be like driving along with the passenger side tires a foot an a half in the air at all times. The oil will be on an angle and your pick up tube totally wrong. Your Z24 dip stick is going to be reading too full with the correct amount of oil in it. If you are down a quart the pick up may be uncovered.



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Some of the pictures of the truck done for now. We will be working a lot more on it once moving settles in and now that there is no deadline. I am sorry for the delay and confusion and not that any of you guys care but i did get an A on the project. Anyhow, Thank you all for the much continued support and help. I really appreciate it. I hopefully will get some more pictures up of it when we get into some more bodywork and some more Fab work on it. Thanks!


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What year of 5 speed do I need to get? There is an 83 D21 at pick n pull gonna go see if that looks like te right one that will fit the Z24 Buti wouldn't think it would considering they didn't offer te Z24 in 83.. Let me know please? Thank you!

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The 720 was from '80-'86.5

The D-21 Hardbody came out in '86.5 and on


The '83 720 model year starts in June of the previous year. The beginning of the '83 model year, from June until November '82 a Z22 engine was used. From December '82 on. the new Z24 engine was used and for the rest of the 720 run. The build date (month and year) is stamped on the driver's door tag. On the passenger side inner fender under the hood hinge is the engine tag and it will have what engine was installed.


Regardless.... either engine is a Z series engine and the transmission will fit your Z24.


Vehicles and years with Z series FS5W71B 5 speeds available that will fit your Z24....


'81-Nov.'82 720 with Z22 engine. (5 speed optional)

Dec.'82-'86.5 720 with Z24 or Z24i engine

'80-'81 S110 200sx with Z20E engine

'82-'83 S110- 200sx with Z22E engine.



Other vehicles with FS5W71C 5 speeds that will bolt to a Z24


'89-'90 S13 (240sx) with KA24E engine

'91-'94 S13 with KA24DE engine

'95-'98 S14 with KA24DE engine

'86.5- '89 D21 with Z24i engine

'90-'93 D21 with KA24E engine

'94- D21 with KA24DE engine

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