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I'd this stut tower for 500 internets


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I just pulled these off of my 510. Been running with a taller passenger strut for many years. I knew I had a blown strut ( insert was shot), but I had no idea they were different lengths.


Any help with what strut is a little over an inch longer than a stock 71 510?

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I'd too


Replace that 710 strut with two matching 280Z struts



So it's a 710? And I was on the hunt for 280zx struts. Not 280z right?


I've been looking here for two years. No zxs in the scrap yards here ever. They were all scrap 10 years ago, now they are soil.

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So the question is:


If I install the spacer on top of the insert I will effectively lose 2" of travel in the 710 strut tower, and 1" on the 510 tower. I could easily slide the perches down to match each other, and this would result in a balanced stance with unbalanced bottom out limits. Would I ever realize this level of bottoming out? Or would i likely never have an issue?



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I can't tell by looking that that's a 710 or even a 510 strut. I can see that one is shorter. Take the inserts out and measure down inside and compare to this chart...



Datsun Strut Comparison    By: Byron Meston    Revision date:    Aug.4, 2007                   
All Measurements are in millimeters                                   
Model ......................    PL 510...........    280 ZX (ALL)    A 510 (HLA)    200 SX (S110)

Strut - Depth of  Tube    405 (APPROX)    376 .............   381 ...............  439               

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Drivers= 15-11/16. (PL510 is 1/4" longer)

Passenger= 16-13/16. (S110 is 7/16" longer)


I'm confident in the 510 match. 1/4" is made up in the nut and washer at the top of the post. The S110 is quite a ways off. This one remains questionable. What was the pre 74 710 strut tube height? Anyone? Indy?

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There were three different length struts that were produced for the 510 over the years of production.

These dimensions are the measured the way that you did it in the pictures above.
68-69 inner length = 15.8"
70-70.5, 72-73 = 16.25"
70.5-71 = 16.8"

There are three other measurements that are used as well. These measurements measure from the bottom of the spring retainer where its welded to the top of the piece that the spindle is part of.

68-69 = 10.5"
70-70.5, 72-73 = 11"
70.5-71 = 11.5"

It looks like you have a 68 or 69 strut as your short one, and maybe a 71 strut as your long one.

There is an excellent picture and table of this information in the online DimeQuarterly magazines. The link is here for all of them but the article that you want is in Volume 11 Issue 4, page 15.


It is also possible that if you have the different years struts that the bearing sizes will be different as well. I think that the 68-69 bearings were smaller than the later ones. RockAuto lists different part numbers for the different years.

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40210-21000 and 40210-A0800 510 inner bearings. I believe they are the same, just an alternate number

40215-21000 all years of 510 outer bearing.



'73 same as the 510 above.

'74 and up 40210-A0100 inner and 40215-A0100 outer. Were changed to the larger bearing . The same as in the S30 and the 280 zx . All 710/ S10/ A10/ 810/Maxima had the larger bearing also. The B-210 changed to this larger bearing for '76

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