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Tips on removing glass from rear 1/4?


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I tried searching on the forums but to no avail. I am looking to remove the glass from the rear 1/4 window as the rubber seal is cracking. Is there a specific way to pull apart the metal frame away from the inner seal and glass? I attempted prying out the rubber piece by piece between the glass and frame but its going to take forever.

Thanks in advance

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I was able to figure it out. Thanks


Please share how you did it. The seal that holds the glass to the frame has not been available for many years. Are you replacing it with an aftermarket seal? Whose replacement seal are you using?


A how to would be helpful to all. 





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I would also like to know how to get the frame apart . I have pulled the little screws out but I can't make any progress getting the frame apart. 


The old seal keeps it all sort of "glued" together. May need some force to get it apart. May even have to cut the old seal to get it apart. 

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 I have not ordered anything from them. If someone has, let us know how the quality is.


I have bought a few pieces from them. The seals looked really good, but I didn't live with it long term so I hesitate to recommend it just yet. 


Most of the aftermarket seals I've used seem to mainly have problems with UV exposure. So on a garage kept car they will last a lot longer. 

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Thanks freak. Since our 510 is just a shell and I destroyed all the rubber removing the windows I will have to replace everything. When I'm ready I'll just order 1 item and go from there and report back. I may also tackle my 1/4s this weekend and take some pictures and post them. I have a feeling this will be frustrating so I'll be sure to stock up on coors light before I start.

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