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    Brake ducting ideas

    Mike thanks for your feedback. I was hoping there were more performance guys that would chime in on this post. I guess the majority of guys on this forum don't bother ducting their brakes.
  2. HKS

    Brake ducting ideas

    Looking to install brake ducting for the BRE lip. Looking for images of successful setups for road racing or auto crossing. I know the clearance for the hose is pretty tight between the wheels from lock to lock but wanted to see how you guys route the hosing.
  3. Anyone know of a good place to purchase a replacement 510 wiper motor gasket that fills the 2 inch hole? I did some research and found zeddsaver has it but its 30 bucks. Is the 240/260Z gasket inter changeable? I retrofitted a Honda integra motor but im not sure if those who did the swap are using the integra gasket or maintaining the 510 gasket. chime in if you know of somewhere to buy the 510 piece or if you did the swap and have knowledge of what gasket you used. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. I rechecked the stopper bolt and it measured the same for both sides. I should have mentioned I am using aftermarket lower control arms so there isn't any binding but knowing that now I can put a longer bolt to create a functional stoppper. I pulled everything apart again and managed to readjust the steering spline and center the steering wheel to get both directions to lock in the same position. Unfortunately the dot on the column shaft doesn't match up but I don't think that's a big deal since I will be re aligning the front end. Interesting that the dot in the 12 o clock position is pretty far off from allowing me to thread the pass through bolt to the spline.
  5. Before finalizing my suspension I checked the steering alignment. 1) The small dot marked on the steering rod is at 12 o clock 2) Steering wheel and tires are straight and centered Now the problem is when i turn the wheel lock to lock it can turn more revolutions to the right than left. approx 1 1/4 to left and 1.5 to right I removed the steering link ( allowing only the shaft to only turn the steering box) then turned the steering wheel and i can get the same full turn radius going both left and right on the steering wheel When i reinstall the steering link back on and double check that both pitman arm and steering box arm are both even and both pointing straight down when steering wheel is centered. When reinstalling the steering center link the issue comes back with the steering wheel which is back to 1 1/4 left and 1.5 to right (note that the tie rods are removed from the steering knuckle) Anyone come across this issue? Does the 510 not have equal turn radius of the steering wheel when going lock to lock?
  6. My main concern is having a seatbelt with a horizontal catch. Using a front seatbelt will not lock if an accident occurs due to it being a vertical catch. Did some research on classic mini coopers and they seem to have the same problem when sourcing a good 3 point seatbelt for the rear. I see a AE86 Corolla has something similar to our cars for the OEM rear belt but might be tricky retrofitting.
  7. Finally got around to installing my stainless hood trim piece that was sent out for polishing a while back and noticed that they lost 3 of the mounting clips for the screw inserts. Can I find somewhere that sells replacements for this or do I need to source a set of used pieces from someone? If so does anyone have 3 to sell? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the input TJ. Finding a good horizontal catch that looks clean as you mentioned makes it tricky.
  9. So the parts you purchased from them had the original packaging and part number still on each item? Both items I purchased (Euro turn signals and Dome light) were only bubble wrapped with no typical decals or part# of Nissan OEM packaging. Interesting.
  10. Thanks guys. Jesse snap a closeup photo for me. Thanks
  11. Been searching for some more info and it seems the Euro version from Europe does not have the Iki writing on it as apposed to the JDM version. Can someone confirm this to be true?
  12. Check that in you what>? No idea what you are saying. And in reference to Caveat Emptor I found no postings on them that claim otherwise
  13. Ordered and received a set of Euro front turn signals today. The site states 100 percent OEM. Opened up one side and the lights does not have IKI molded onto it or "made in Japan" it does have the rest of the markings. Unless Nissan changed the molds for newer generation turn signals are these legit or fake? My original euro set has all the markings and the metal sticker still on it so I know its the real deal. Any feedback is welcomed.
  14. Did the belts lock when installed in the rear? was the retractor placed on the top or towards the bottom behind the rear seat?
  15. Planning on using Mckinney poly mounts
  16. Looking for a 3 point retractable rear seatbelt for my 70 510. Found a few online and seatbelt planet but according to alot of sites it requires the shoulder loop to sit parallel to the retractor or it wont lock in an emergency. The mounting point to the shoulder loop sits farther back towards the c pillar and the retractor can sit directly behind the rear seat in the open space correct? or has someone mounted the retractor on the top where the provisional hole is? I'd prefer hiding the ugly retractor if possible. This is for my kid to fit in his front facing seat, hence the reason why I need to upgrade from a lap belt. Let me know if anyone had success with any rear belts and not just speculation or simple assumptions that one will work. thanks!
  17. Thank you for the info!
  18. Can someone take a measurement of a 510 with an SR20DET from the inner shock tower to the end of the intake manifold flange where the head bolts up to. I am looking to make a custom ITB setup and need to make sure I have enough room (length wise). Also from middle of the port runner to the top of the shock tower to determine maximum height allowable for the hood to properly close. Thanks in advance.
  19. Yes, no idea why some would have the short while others have the longer. Maybe someone with more knowledge would be able to chime in on that. In the meantime I was able to return the shorter piece for the correct size.
  20. Thats perfect. I was attempting to fit a 15.5 inch unit when I need a 17 inch piece. Thats answers my question. Thank you everyone for your help. I see you have a few pieces. Would you like to sell one?
  21. Tendril. Thanks for the photo. By chance can you measure out the 70 to 73 bracket from end to end for me?
  22. Laecaon thats the same length as my current piece. If anyone with a 71 up can measure their piece I would appreciate it.
  23. Took measurements on bracket that was too short and it was a little over 15.7 inches end to end. Another person said he measured his bracket and it was 16.5 inches. Seems to be the more ideal size but he took measurements on his 70 with the bracket already in the car so not sure if it was accurate.
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