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How do I remove my 1200 tail lights?

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I thought that the tail light assembly was held in by the bezel. WRONG! It looks like the assembly is held in by 4 studs that are mushroomed at the end. My repair manual (Clymer) tells me how to change the bulbs (DUH!), but not how to remove the assembly. It has to come out  to weld in the new weatherstrip channel and new paint, but I don't want to screw anything up. It appears that the mushroomed studs need to be cut off to get the assembly off. I don't have a problem with that because I can weld threaded stock back in place of the studs. Throwing this out for suggestions because you guys collectively know everything about our cars.




It's a '72 2 Dr. Sedan.

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It's not the mushroomed studs shown, someone has modified it to hold it on. It's the other three, one at each far end and one in the middle. And the three on the bottom edge. The chrome bezel on the outside has 3 top and three bottom threaded studs. They should stick right through the white plastic part and have small washers and nuts on them.

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I took the chrome bezels off. My Sedan had 3 threaded studs on top and 2 on the bottom.




I don't see anything else holding the light assembly to the car other than the 4 flared studs. It might be rust sticking the light to the body. I just don't want to force anything and have it break because another light housing would be difficult if not impossible to find.




My 1200 Coupe's tail lights just appear to be held on by the chrome bezel, but I just took a quick look at them

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I agree it's probably just stuck. But those rusty studs are flared to a larger size than the hole in the plastic, so something will have to be done about them. The flare is not touching the plastic, so it is not what is holding the light to the body. About a 16th in. gap between the flare and the light assembly. I think I will probably use my Dremel with a cut off wheel to deal with the studs. Then VEERRY carefully work the light loose.

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If all goes terribly south, I may be able to source a set of sedan tail lights.  It does not seem right the way yours are held in.  I may be headed up to where the sedan is next weekend and could snap some piccys.

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Thanks KELMO, I stopped at my other storage today and took a look at the rear clip I got for the trunk weatherstrip channel. Those tail lights were only held in by the outer bezel. I an thinking now that the stud is a part of the tail light housing, but I have nothing to compare them to. The rear valance is slightly rolled inwards around the tail light housing I am doing to douse the assembly with penetrating oil and let it sit overnight to help break up the rust's grip on the assembly. I'll do a test on a spare marker light first to make sure the penetrating oil won't screw up the tail light. Will give it a go next weekend.

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