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620's w/521 grills/custom grills? Any pics??


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I've got some sort of old metal vent off something that I'm considering using. It doesn't have slats like most vents, but rows of little holes. It looks pretty cool, and I think it'd give the truck a pretty mean look, but I'm wary of a potential decrease in airflow over the rad. Maybe I'll find some way to funnel extra air past the rad from down lower.

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pope face-

Without seeing the grill, I'll just have to guess,

but I think as far as cooling goes, as long as you have the shroud and all you should be okay...?

Maybe a flex fan? (got one I'm not using, PM me if you're interested)



keep me in suspense why don't you! :mellow:


Pac coast-

I always pictured that grill as one from those 80's chevy trucks (like grampa had, his was bent to sh*t though!! Maybe they were the same?). IF I were to go that route I think I might "notch out" the end lights (so they weren't obstructed by the grill?), and lose the top bar maybe to fix the closing issue?

just an idea....


Dig a tube grill on a 620!


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