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Stick with fuel injection or runs 44mm su's on my l28

City Hunter

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So, my 240z was swapped to a 75 or 76 l28 duel injection setup with the n42 head back in 82. Well, i have no idea if the fi is still good as it was pratially taken apart when I got it. I also have a set of 44mm su carbs with e88 manifolds.


The question is, whats going to net me better power. I have no idea howb good these su carbs are.


Drivatebility is there any benefit to the fuel injection other than starting? I'm usually a die hard fi guy, but I may consider rocking the su's

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I dont really have any emissions on this fi setup, no egr stuff, no cats, just deburred headers dual 3 into 1 with no hpipe into 2 cherry bomb looking things out to 2 vert pipes. I'm curious to what kind of power it might make, and wondering if it has a cam. Also rocking some allison electronic ignition.

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The way HP was measured changed in 1979.

so comparing the early ID tags

240Z 150hp

260Z 162hp ?

280Z 170hp

same engine rated in 1979 at 135hp

Then 1981 145hp / turbo 180hp


the FI will have way more torque than the carbureted engines.

but also, the displacement was going up in the 70's. Even if you get 170 flywheel hp out of carbs, it will have less torque and less economy.

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