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74 Datsun 710 wagon project with lots of parts.

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1974 Datsun 710 wagon, green, tan interior, solid body, only one small spot of rust on frame where exhaust ran close by, look at picture to see rust, originally a four speed stick, L18 engine, four door wagon.


Have original L18 and four speed to make complete car.


Also have:


JDM higher compression L18

2 5 speed 280ZX trans

Complete L28 engine

280ZX front spindles/brakes/struts/springs

Misc ZX parts like starter, alternator, power steering system(complete), brackets, etc.

New steering box, front fender, matchbox electronic distributor as well as a used one plus more parts.

Used but good condition L series high compression head(complete) along with a box of new rocker arms, new timing chain set, etc.

Used headers, shocks, Offenhauser manifold.

Complete set of dual side draft webers(40 DCOE), linkages, manifold, air cleaners, etc.

Weber 38 DGV style carb on stock intake.

Plus more I am sure I am forgetting. Enough to make 2 complete running engines with extras.


Everything for $2,000 or best cash offer.





















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do you still have this? i have a friend looking for a car and with this he can build a nice one and i could get some parts to :D how much would shipping be to cali though is the question

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Guest jaimesix

Mark. I have a friend that is installing an L18 into a J15 engined Datsun. He needs pictures of the engine mounts. Since you have your car disassembled, could you post some pictures of the engine mounts?


Much appreciated.



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Guest jaimesix

Mark, is that you in the avatar? Hope not , live is not that easy..( tell that to the Rockefeller family...:rolleyes: ) .... but it is not bad at all....and with a Datsun it is much easier to enjoy!



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No, thats not me, lol, its House of the TV show. It was Eddie off of Iron Maiden albums. You may be too young to remember Iron Maiden. It somehow got changed without me doing it. I now have a different one rhough.

Check out http://www.theironmaidens.com for a current all female tribute version. I think they might let you use "Edwina" to replace Eddie.

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Only thing I need to finish it is the driveshaft, still looking for an auto trans version. If the car doesnt sell(which it ownt and really dont want it to) I plan to have it going as soon as I get that and some other little stuff put in, like the clutch master and slave cylinders. Still debating on whether to rebuild the JDM L18 with new bearings, rings and gaskets.

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