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WTB 72, 2 dr Datsun 510 doors

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Yeah I tighten a guy name Chris(Zaquel on the realm) steering up.

He thought he needed a steering box I said just tighten it up.


Headlight wiring was all hacked up believe whoever(CarToys) installed the alarm was a dumbass and routed the lights thru the alarm. So when it goes off the headlites come ON. But now there is no Highbeams. Should have cked this before leaving the place. But Im still looking in the diagrams.

I will PM Chris and ask him to remove the alarm fuse or disconnect it and if lights dont work on LOW then I now its routed thru the alarm box and find the guy who installed it and have them FIRED.


510 lights have a switchable ground. and using a test light to ground all the contacks will have power on there.

The Fuse box didnt have Power either. then I saw wires cut and not enough to even splice something on there.


But its a VERY NICE CAR runs great. I liked it.

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I just found out today from a lock place that I showed them my lock and key and said it would turn to lock but not turn enough to unlock. Turned out the key wasn't cut right. they gave me the new key and it turned just fine and didn't stick like it used to.



Possibly the same issue? If not the linkage could be disconnected or are you trying to lock the door while it is open?

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