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L20b bolts? Shorter than L18/L16????


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Hey there! So, I'm trying to monkey together my L20b as fast as possible, and that means using L16/L18 engine assembly components. Now, I have pretty much everything covered, but what I'm wondering about specifically is whether or not L20b head bolts are shorter? It seems like I'm dealing with a LOT of resistance trying to screw them in, and I looked in the "how to rebuild your nissan & datsun OHC engine" book and only saw that the "L20b cannot be interchanged with other 'L' series blocks," with no mention of the heads or anything.


So should I stop being a baby and just torque the bolts down? Or do I need different bolts?


And while I've got ya here what about the flywheel bolts? Those are giving me some grief too, and I noticed some flywheel bolts do appear slightly shorter...



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Get an old bolt you don't need. Use a grinder or file and take a strip of threads off like the bolt below. Rub a bit of grease on it and thread into the block.







This will clean them and collect the bit's of gasket from scraping the deck surface. Repeat until it comes out clean.



On that note the head and the block cannot be too clean. Mount the gasket dry do not use dressings or sealer.

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L20bs have longer front covers, that is the diffference. 


but all L4s i do believe have the same bolt sizes, but some are longer than others because they go in a different place 


here i took this photo just for you.



"A" bolts are longer, im assuming you knew that but telling you anyways

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