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620 sheet metal?


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Do you blokes know if the sheet metal remained unchanged throughout the years the GN620 was manufactured?

I have a frontal damaged 620 that is too rust free not to repair. And a lead on a donor truck for some new inner guards/front panel etc. (A mate has two in a paddock) But he's three hours drive away. and it'd be a long way to tow a trailer if they changed things part way through, and they were different to my truck. Although nissan rocks for not changing things for the sake of it.

My truck is a '79, first reigstered in '80. and the donor ones are early, with the king pin front suspention.

Any ideas?

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In the states structurally the 620 was basically all the same from 73-79. However when Datsun went to the L20B they offset the radiator support to allow for a thicker radiator & in 78' (I believe) they went to a frame mounted gas tank.



Do you blokes know if the sheet metal remained unchanged throughout the years the GN620 was manufactured?


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Thanks guys!

All our 620's came with the J15, or in some cases the sd22. (Or SD23, I can't remember which)

And it's been noted that the SD powered trucks had a different Rad support panel. I would assume that the L20B powered ones would share the radiator support panel with the Diesel engined ones.

Now I just need to hammer out a deal with my mate, and figure out how and when to do a recovery mission.

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There will be pics galore, well some pics anyway when i pick it up.

Today I unbolted the front guards from the crashed but super un-rusty 620.

ALL the 6mm (10mm head) guard bolts undid without breaking the heads off. Even the ones on the very bottom of the guards.

I've owned probably close to twenty datsuns, and this is the first one where at least one of the bolt heads hasn't broken off. What little surface rust it does have, is going to be a pleasure to remove, and permanantly prevent the return of.

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