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putting a bigger motor in my pl411


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ok here it is (hiding behind a tree) im putting a buick 231 in my 411 and im thinking a cut down mustang 2 ifs .

it is going to take me awhile to do but to help fund my project im selling the parts that are coming off the car.

so if any of you guys are interested in some parts let me know motor and tranny I would like the sell in tact

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Check out an MGTC or MGTD front end before you go hog wild on trimming a Mustang2 front end.  The MG front ends were popular in the kit car craze days so I'm not sure if any respectable ones are still available.  The 410 and 411 were designed with the Austin series in mind so there's a good chance the front end width would be compatible.  If you can't find a MG, looks for hen's teeth Nash or Hudson Metropolitan.

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Hi I need engine mounts. Let me know what you need for them. Thanks for your help






You have to be more specific!!!!!!!!!!!


For your roadster or for your wagon?


If roadster, given 1968, which version, RL311 or PL311?


If wagon, WPL411 or WRL411?

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