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  1. Lobo

    Bad gauge cluster voltage regulator? Easy $2 fix.

    Dguy I would be intrested
  2. Ok couple questions were did you get your l18 pistons and we're did you get that block off plate on intake manifold
  3. Lobo

    Butte county datsun meet

    So i want to start a monthly meet every second Saturday of the month in butte county So location. Clear creek crossing 3772 Durham pentz Rd Oroville ca Time 4:00 pm Date 8/9/14 we can hang out there for hour to hour and a half then cruise up table mountain Rd to old down town Oroville and meet back up at Dennys and have something to munch on
  4. basically I don't want to run into a lot of issues with pinging and detonation. I like the sound of the orig setup I was thinking but this is my DD so I think I want to dial it back some more to this stock setup just bored and milled. so how far can you mill a head and if I wanted say some were around 9.5 on CR is that to high for a DD. sorry for so many questions I have never built a motor other then leaving it stock so im trying to learn about this stuff.
  5. ok another question for you guys what would be a CR if i just bored the l20 say .040 and decked my head ohh i don't know 1mm i think i want to set this up to run mid to premium gas im just not sure what to do with it im going to run the u67 head for sure and i want to get a good CR what do you guys really suggest
  6. that really helps thank you
  7. Thank you that is what I wad trying to figure out
  8. So back to asking when did they start making the later z22e pistons I have tried looking buti can't get a definite answer on it
  9. and when you say "late" what years are you talking about
  10. so with the z20e rods and z22e pistons you don't have to do anything to the crank cause im likeing the sound of that setup
  11. and cam suggestions on that ?
  12. well I have a u67 sitting in the garage that needs to be rebuilt so maybe I will go that route as of pistons if I can't find a set of l18 what do you guys suggest
  13. Lobo

    datsun meet butte county area???

    cool cool trying to see how many ppl are interested before i secure the spot for it
  14. so i have a L20b from a 78 620 that im putting in my 521 i want to do a mild build on it cause this is my daily driver here is what im thinking L18 pistons (thinking about boring but not sure how much) mild cam (not sure on size) porting intake on head to match gasket w53 head l20 intake l16 exhaust manifold weber 32/36 already have electronic ignition setup i think im running 1 3/4 to magnaflow that is the basic setup im looking at after doing a bunch of reading and suggestions ,thoughts ? and yes i do want to run the l20 keeping it old school
  15. anyone in the butte county area in north cali be intrested in a datsun meet once a month????

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