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Noisy Fuel Pumps!

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As the title says, anybody have experience in making fuel pumps more quiet or making them absolutely silent?


I've got the MSD 2225 fuel pump and it whirrrs like mad! I'm not all too bothered by it but most people that I take ask me 'what is that buzzing? it's annoying!' and I finally got to the point where I'm giving into them.

I put in cuts of rubber hose as washers for the bolts that secure it down but it doesn't really do much to help.


I've been told to use bicycle tubing, but I haven't really given it a try, does anybody else have any recommendations?

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Yep this^^^^^^^^^^^


We call these cotton reel mounts.


Ive used these previously and whilst they dont eliminate the noise completely, they reduce it markedly.


Ive also used inner tube rubber but its nowhere near as effective as the cotton reel mounts.

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