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  1. I will just leave this here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/5568630002.html
  2. Hey guys, I have two of these Datsun Dave push button starts, one is brand new in the box. It does not have the key fobs as I was planning on using it in conjunction with my alarms system. The other one is used and still works great, I had it in my wagon and it does have the key fobs $250 - first come first served. PM me for details Pete
  3. Any updates on this, excited to see more
  4. Hey,what type of pain did you use for that textured look?
  5. KGB.. you should take some pics and post them, the pics I took don't show its true potential
  6. These arent the best pics but they give you an idea of what the console looks like in the car.
  7. I shall call it .. "The BRE Tribute Console" Come take it off my hands $400
  8. Well ultimately yes I'd love to leave them uncut, however I'd hate to see someone do a hack job on a console when I have all the tools to do it pretty clean like. And again the further back the shifter goes the wider the console has to be to accommodate the shift boot ring... that's what Im trying to figure out.
  9. Im trying to figure out width for rear section of the console specifically for those guys that move the shifter further back. Thanks Indy 510
  10. I know this has been asked a million times before, but, I couldn't find it while searching. So, what's the distance between the stock location and the KA/SR position for the tranny shifter, you know like where it sticks up through the floor ... You know, like three four five inches back from the factory position.
  11. Im thinkin 300 for a fiberglass shell (plain ole fiberglass) and 400 for a complete unit with cup holders, shift boot and possibly some type of storage/ashtray/charger dealio. This is what I have so far but Im open to suggestions as Im not overjoyed with either option.
  12. Well thats the beauty of it all... you can have anything you want. You want black vinyl or flat black ...done! whatever you want (within reason) you get
  13. Yes Sir Agreed, The boot and ring aren't mounted and there is no hole cut as of yet, I can do it if you tell me what motor tranny combo...within reason (KS /SR / VG / Stock)
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