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Parts Availability????

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Well I'm posting this as a sort of a general bitch and asking for help. My local Nissan dealers hardly know there ever was a Datsun let alone being able to find any parts for one. 

My main interest is in B210 engine's and 5 speed trans and considering the fact that the A14 and 60 series trans was being manufactured in South Africa till 5 years ago and the A15 at least in Indonesia just a few years before that I'm wondering WHY can't i get parts for these?

It would appear that an opportunity exists for someone to supply parts on this forum and pick up some spare change in the process.

B projects used to be helpful but has very little anymore and his prices are though the roof.

I'm just wondering about simple things. Surely oversize A15 piston's should be available in country's where the engine was being made just a few years ago. Why can't we get them here??

After all we're supposed to have the great and glorious "Free Trade" and a global community. Whats the matter??


Suggestion's please??

Thanks for listening to my rant....


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They arent available here because the cars/engines stopped being made decades ago. Indonesia and Africa have parts because they are still being actively made and used (within 5 years). Your best bet is post WTB ads on the various Datsun forums or make contacts in those countries. 


All you can do. Local Nissans places do not care about Datsun parts... youd have to find a single parts guy that really likes his job to find anything of value. 

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It's a lot of work for the Nissan dealer to track down international parts. It can be done, but very time consuming.

Not to mention-that's only a parts guy. Not a tech. He gets paid to sell parts for NISSANS, not pray for Datsun gold to show up at his PDC.


You will need to either need to scour eBay on the regular or consider looking for aftermarket parts.

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type in your part number and see if they have it, then make an account and submit a parts inquiry.


within 3 days they will get back to you with the availability and the shpping cost.


Worked for me, they had a brand new rear window seal for a Datsun 910. Manufacture date was June 9 of this year.


then report back to us and tell us if they had it.

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right but with Amayama, they wont show the part at all unless it is actually there or was within the last few weeks in someones inventory. with Nissan parts warehouse, you have to buy it and wait for them to refund your money when they cant get it.


Good to know.

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Hey Kurt,


Have you tried your local engine machine shop?


Mine back in Kansas has a huge book that they use for ordering parts.  The last time I was in there, I had him see if he could get different L18, L20B and L28 parts.  Everything I was looking for was right there in his book....  I know it's a different engine, but maybe you will get lucky with you local shop.

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Thanks folks, but what I'm saying is that these parts should obviously be available in those country's. It would just seem to be logical for them to be available in other country's where Nissan does business. For Christ sake South Africa even speaks English so there is no language barrier.

BTW how does one get the part number for parts that I need when my local Nissan dealers can't even find them?? They won't even talk to me without the vehicle VIN which, in most cases, I don't have. 



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You have a bad parts guy.  Before I moved, both the parts guys at my Nissan dealership would take the time to search through the computer to find parts diagrams and part numbers for me.


This is what I use for the early Datsuns:




I found that with just a Google search.  I'm not sure if there is something for your car or not.

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problem with all those 'nissan parts sites'

is a lot of em are 1980+


also, having called them just yesterday, the very helpful guy at the other end of the line (tim) told

me that nissan has this problem whereas they might still be listing a part as available online, but that doesnt mean it is.

he says their system or whatever is messed up like that. but once you have the part number, they call nissan directly

and get a confirmation if the part is available or not. for example, oem leaf spring bushings are still available for a datsun 720,

and at a good price, too!

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OK, when I get to it, I'll try to find oversize factory piston's for a 1980 210 with a A 15. Don't need them right now but could have used them a year ago. Ended up just fitting a new set of rings I got off of Rock auto. The parts I need now are 70's.

I'll see what I find!



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Well nissanpartszone is a great site and lists pistons for a A15 in a 310. Wish i had known about it a year ago when i decided to just rering. 

Unfortunatly as mentioned nothing for 210's which were being made still in those years or anything for older B210's. Like rear drive 60 and 63 5 speed's.



I did try my local machine shop when i was working on the A15 and had no luck though I may have been trying to get the right dish....don't remember. Also the A series engine is based on the British engine but nothing is the same. I believe you are thinking about the engine Datsun used in the 60's that was licensed from BMC. I think that was a 1600 but don't know much about it.



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