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Help needed with wires behind the dash '69 510

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Alright, so I need some help figuring out what wires go to what behind my dash and in the engine bay. 


There is a black snipped wire on the passenger side and two snipped black wires on the drivers side.  All three are near the headlamps.  Are they to be grounded? 

Drivers Side: 


Passenger Side: 



Now, there are a few behind the dash that I have no idea where they go. 


The first is the two female plugs in the cluster.  What goes there? Is this why my dash is half illuminated even with new bulbs? 



This is from the harness that goes into the cluster. Where does this plug into? 



What about these guys? 



Or these? Not even sure if its plugged into the right dealy?



Single wire from the column goes into what? 



The two merged black wires? 






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Single green wire goes to the round horn relay.


Too tired to go look at the rest.. might be able to help more tomorrow.

Thank you! Now I gotta find what one that is... 

Sure hop you didn't pay too much for this!

Just a couple hundo.  Perfect rat build project. 

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