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  1. you still looking for shell i have 1. i tried to send you a pm but i think your mailbox is full

    1. jaredperry


      I am interested! 



    2. gene knight

      gene knight

      need your email or #number so i can send pix and location

  2. Time Left: 13 days and 6 hours

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    Hello, I am looking for a good condition camper shell for a 521 / 620 Datsun truck build I am starting. Any leads in the lower 48 would be great. Thank you!


    Thousand Oaks, California - US

  3. Fellow Ratsuners, Does anyone know anything about the competition struts? Such as if they were only oil filled, inner body length, or if they had an insert? Part Numbers: Right 5430222032 Left 5430322032 Thank you!
  4. Reason being is that with the CA18DET I am running in the car, the mounts appear to be suffering from either the weight, or the from the flogging that the car receives. I am assuming that even an upgraded urethane isolator would be beneficial, but again, I am unable to locate a reputable manufacturer.
  5. I have searched and have yet to find anything. Do they exist? Do I need to make my own? Thanks,
  6. I have a 1971 510 that I recently acquired. After I got the vehicle home, I noticed more damage that initially assessed. As you can see, the front passengers side was hit and has crinkled the portion before the battery tray to include a small crinkle behind the passenger strut tower. I have yet to investigate the reasoning for the drivers side fender caving in near the door, but from what I have inspected it looks to be unrelated. I have since then obtained a front clip because I feel the only way to properly repair the damage is to remove the radiator core support and right side, or just do the whole front clip. I have a couple questions regarding the process: Is this a complete waste of time? Should I do the whole clip or just the passengers side? What do I need to look out for? What would be the correct procedure / process? Are the photos of the process on this site? Any insight and help is greatly appreciated. The front clip I have purchased
  7. I have a base map if needed. In regards to the WB, I think you have to open the WB software then open up Nistune or vice versa. Also, aren't the STi injectors high impedance?
  8. Hello All, I would like some feedback regarding an exhaust setup and what you would do about it. Current set up is a CA18DET and I have a 3" v-band down pipe that goes into a 2 1/2" slip joint under the vehicle. The exhaust then goes back into another slip joint (right before the rear subframe) and up into the rear subframe then out the rear. There is a hanger on the rear portion for stability and flex or whatever. Currently there is no flex joint and only slip joint / exhaust clamps installed. The car is lowered quite a bit and the suspension is pretty stiff, but I am still wondering if I should put in a flex joint... Would you install a flex joint? If you were to install a flex joint, where would you place it? Front? Rear? Thanks, for your opinions!
  9. Its not a joke. I would love some amazing louvers on my rear window.
  10. Anyone have one, know where to get one or done a DIY for one? I would like on for my dime. That is all
  11. Someone fork over a 280 strut and hub assembly so we can measure and make it happen then. ha ha
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