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Were sliding rear-window cab 620's different than non-sliders...?


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Got a sweet slider from the auto-dismantlers a while back, finally got my new gasket today, put it in and it looks like I will be needing ALOT of glue to make it work...


So I'm ASSuming the answer is yes, but maybe not? 

Maybe something just got wonky?


Inquiring minds want to know!




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That's cool, I knew that the king-cabs were larger.


Snagged a re-pop gasket off e-bay, said it was for a standard cab (with no mention of the slider), guess that's the difference!

I need a "slider" gasket-


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Sliders were all aftermarket.  Factory sliders didn't appear until the 720.  The gasket for the slider was specific to each brand of sliding window, so generally if you find a window at a wrecker you need to get the gasket with it.  Finding another may require buying another slider.

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