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1000 dollar 95 se pathfinder

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Got this pathfinder for just under 1000 on craigslist. has 210k on it, but runs and drives great. Has cel light on, only when it moves, not ideling, abs and brake light on. I had abs stuck on my 02 g20 as well, also i think the brake light is due to the console being loose around the ebrake handle, so probally a stuck switch.  Runs and drives great, 2nd gear is a lil sticky on the auto, but im going to pull the cooler system since i know they clog up and cause issues to the tranny.   Its nice to ahve something with more cargo room especially with the kids, and a roof rack so we can do beach trips and stuff. And 4 wheel drive if it snows.  Nice to fit more than just a stroller in it. It does have a lil body damage from someone pusshing to hard on spare tire mount when it cant go any further, and front and rear bumper damage, and oxyidation on the hood.  Also someone left the windows open it seems so the door panels have just been peeling right off so i need to find some at the yard.


Funny thing is my sentra doesnt want to go, worked on it for 10 hours yesterday with my buddy allan because it would NOT start. Kept clicking, we changed starter, re ddi grounds and power wire, relays, EVERYTHING...and another starter and just keeps clicking and clicking. But luckily the tow company taking it to california only is charging 120 more to tow a  non operation vehicle so thank god. But hers some pics. 



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Yah not bending to get in with my lower fusion is nice. Plus the other day getting otu of purple i railed my back right into the roof of the car and it hurt so fucking bad.  Shes just going to be a beater, few things i want to fix for her to be a little better lookign, specially that damn door panel, but otherwise shes for trips, and hauling shit.  And fun in the snow :)

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I know right. Usually pathis go for around 2500 to 3500 for a 95, hell even 90's and the crappy 2 door (i like the 2 door, just not with kids)  so when i saw this pop up i was like fuck...i shouldnt spend the money...but its to good a deal to pass out. 

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