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Whatz This on My Li'l Hustler ??


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This is my first attempt at attaching a photobucket image to a post, so I hope I got the firing order correct on this one.


Anyhow, the reason for the post: I'm getting real close to firing the 620 off, with a few more smallerr items to tend to. This small electric/vacum switch is located on the center of the firewall just above the cam cover. Looks like the visable hose connects to the small tube on the brake booster vacum line. The other hose, just above the electric connector is broken off. I've studied a number of photos on the forum and havent found another one. The pickup had a dealer add-on air-conditioner and I'm assuming that it might be part of that system. The air hasn't worked for years and I took the remainder of the slystem and the EGR stuff off. Kinda a maxi cleanup in the engine room.


Can someone tell me what this seitch is, and if its not needed, it will go in the box with the air for now. If I decide to put air on later, I'll probably use one of the later smell Jap compressors mounted where the air pump was on the left side of the engine. Thanks in advance.



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That's the FICD solenoid valve. Fast Idle Control Device. When air is ON vacuum is passed through to a vacuum diaphragm that pulls the throttle open slightly increasing idle speed to 800 RPMs.

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