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'67 Cali PL411 Wagon


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Hey Guys/Gals..

Just wanted to introduce my lady to the forum.  She is an original California black plate '67 PL411.  We have been slowly working on her for about three years now.  As you can see we have been trying to restore her to her original self.  It's been very time consuming but I wouldn't have it any other way.    She is running like a champ and we are now getting ready for paint. 


I have been looking for some final parts in the classifieds area for some time now but I've had no luck.  I'm looking for:


Bumper rubbers (actually, just 1)

Front-passenger side amber turn lens

Rear tail lights and reflectors (have them but they look her age!)

and finally.....

she need her shoes!..by way of some wheel covers..


If anyone has any parts for this beauty, please let me know.  I'm in San Diego, CA.


I'll post some more pictures as soon as I get a chance..Thanks everyone..





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"Bumper rubbers (actually, just 1)"

If you have the steel portion you might just be able to find a tire recap place that would be willing to vulcanize you a replacement pad. Good luck


"Front-passenger side amber turn lens"

I don't know for sure but a 520 or 521 turn turn signal lens just might do the job.


"Rear tail lights and reflectors (have them but they look her age!)"

If it's just the fogging on the lenses, there's a write up on polishing lenses hiding somewhere in the vast labrynth of data on this site. If it's the chrome housing?????


and finally.....


"she need her shoes!..by way of some wheel covers.."

You need the "circumferential slot" wheel covers of a PL411, not the "Porthole" 13 covers for the RL411 or original 1500 cc SPL310 roadster. Don't be fooled by the "I just took these off my 411" wheel covers which invariably turn out to be 6 slot Pinto wheel covers. They are not ugly, but they are not correct!




"If anyone has any parts for this beauty, please let me know. I'm in San Diego, CA."


Good luck on your hunt, we need more 411s on the road.

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Thanks MikeRL411, all advice taken...I actually did try to polish the rear lenses but I cracked one during the process! They're still there but I wouldn't mind spending a bit to make her look proper. Yes, it's the darn chrome housing on the reflectors that are in bad shape. Previous owner did a half-assed job with paint and decided to go over the chrome! Don't know if I could send them out to get rechromed but I'll look into it. As far as the wheel covers, my search/quest will continue...


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I have a 67 PL wagon also,  and I happen to have extra bumper overriders in not bad shape that I'm happy to deal .  


I have one of the wagon taillights (without the reflector), and 3 sedan taillights (with the reflector).  I'd like to get two wagon tailights, and I'd trade you new sedan tailights and chrome bezels (new) for the wagon tailight if its the correct side.  The sedan lights and bezel will fit on the wagon, but they are a little shorter and have the reflector built into the tailights.  The sedan tailights are very common on ebay, by the way, I've never seen wagon tail lights for sale at all. 


PM me, we can discuss --- I live in Albuquerque



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