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Parts source ?


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The first generation Datsuns used to be derogitorily referred to "Those Japanese Austins" so if you are not afraid of way too unionized British parts suppliers, see if Austin or MG engine parts can cross ID to your needs.  Head gaskets do!  My son in law was restoring a MGTD and couldn't find engine gasket parts locally.  I showed him my 411.  Problem solved [except he wanted my engine], the San Jose CA  Nissan dealer got him all he needed.

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See Part #54:



Then just give part number to your local dealer, or just go here:


(I successfully got one recently)


The original one on most was felt, but Part 13042-B3000 gets you a rubber seal. 


I'm not sure if they're interchangeable.  I ordered and received a rubber seal.  Then I realized my leak wasn't actually due to the front seal, and just due to loose bolts on the timing cover.  No more leak now, and got my rubber seal waiting on the shelf just in case.



Oh, and the oil pan gasket:


(no guarantee they'll actually send that one though, they may cancel order if they realize they can't get it)

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