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Bypass neutral safety switch - HELP


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You have a test light??  there should be wires hanging that used to be hooked to trans,,  probably 4 wires total,,  but only 2 different colors.. ook your test light to all of them one by one and the one that lights when you turn key to start is probably the correct one.. Hook that wire to teh wire that is most likely the same color ,, then try starting car with test light hooked to wire on starter to see if it lights,,, or hook starter up and test that way..

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I'm guessing this is an auto to manual???



The interlock switch has back up light switch wires (two) that are usually Red/Black. The other two wires are the interlock, I don't know off hand what color the B-210 uses so what ever these other wires are, just bare the ends and crimp together and tape up out of the way.

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