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distributor/ engine help

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help! im not very good with gas engines. trying to get this datsun motor fired up so i can sell it. and i have no clue what this wire is hanging out of the distributor. (ground maybe?) all the info i can find on the actual motor its self. Datsun 1300, j 333224, nissan japan.TIA




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That's the wire for the points, but you're missing the terminal block that it attached to (the open notch on the dist used to have a plastic terminal block there).  That dist looks trashed- the points cam is rusty, which will destroy the points cam rider in short order.  Hopefully the rest of the engine isn't that bad, because that looks like it's been sitting exposed to rain for the last 15 years.

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That's the "extra flex" braided wire that carries the ground return from the point's plate.  As stated above, it bolts to a black plastic bodied feedthru with a spade lug on the outside.  The wire harness has a matching female fitting that slides on and then and only then will your distributor work.  A quick "theft proof" for the Hitachi distributor is to unhook that wire and hide it in the usual underhood tangle.  Beats pulling the rotor!  Smart thieves know about the rotor, the ground wire is too simple for their warped minds.


The lead from the capacitor bolts to the feedthru on the outside [obviously] to protect the points from erosion and holds the lead out of harms way inside the housing.



I think that a watercooled VW distributor or any Isuzu distributor uses the same feedthru, happy junk yard crawling!

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