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  1. I wouldnt rule out these if you just had the whine start, and just had this stuff rebuilt. rebuilt rear end, probably pinion shimmed wrong.
  2. check the u joint on the driveline? when did the whine start?
  3. its_karl

    I found it ironic

    Tristin says some shit (i'm too lazy to go back and quote it) How does subject about pot laws and ironically attaching a death end up with this exchange? LOL Ratsun is so random sometimes. I can actually see both or your points, but you're both kinda being rediculous too. Only chiming in because insomniacs is even dead atm, hah!
  4. its_karl

    Bought a ZX and forgot about the permit

    i really dont know su's well enough to say, but I do know that 1500 is too high and when you go to shut off the car enough fuel is still being sucked in to diesel. The needles I suspect are merely for metering (changing these leans/richens fuel mixture), the rpm should be controlled directly with the amount of air cfm given when butterflies are opened. There is an idle screw, but may also be a small set screw to prevent the butterflies from fully closing.
  5. its_karl

    Bought a ZX and forgot about the permit

    bring the idle down and the dieselling should stop
  6. its_karl


    I've seen them on ebay for 200ish, i'll probably go for some of those.
  7. its_karl


    have access to friends stuff, would be helping him set it up anyways - have air cylinder, plamsa cutter/mounted to cnc table, bridgeport mill, small and medium lathe... Wonder how expensive it is to have dies machined, just copy basic designs, seems like I could get by with 3 sized dies... Thanks for the info Jesus.
  8. its_karl


    gingers are either very ugly or very hot, not real in between or average with them
  9. its_karl


    Could you recommend which dies to buy and post some more pics of your setup? I'm very interested to know how to build this, and aprox costs... Thanks for the ideas Jesus =)
  10. its_karl


    Just when you think you've seen all the great projects this forum has to offer, YOU DISCOVER ANOTHER ONE! Love the Fab skills, you're better set up in a two-car garage than alot of shops, and turning out better results than most.
  11. its_karl

    1200 SS aka The Baby Nova

    Good to see you back and at it. Really enjoying where this is going. Great job on everything so far.
  12. its_karl

    Bought a ZX and forgot about the permit

    190 is probably the thermostat temp and sounds normal, the revving fluctuates or just raises to what rpm?
  13. its_karl

    Bought a ZX and forgot about the permit

    Glad to hear you figured it out. =)
  14. its_karl

    Hi guys new member here from Okinawa Japan

    I miss Okinawa... Everything but being on the military bases there. Love some Cocos.
  15. its_karl

    1200 SS aka The Baby Nova

    pics+ =)

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