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1974 Datsun 710

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Do you know for sure which engine you have? Look at the passenger side of the block just below the cylinder head. It should be stamped L16, L18, or L20. L16s and L18s use 5 bolts to hold the flywheel to the crankshaft, so any 5 hole flywheel will bolt to a 5 bolt crank. L20s use 6 bolts and won't bolt to a 5 bolt crank. The 6 cylinder L engines in 280Z and ZXs and Maximas are 6 bolt and can be used on an L20.


Flywheels can be reground by a machine shop if you just have a bad surface.



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So I am in need of a new flywheel for my 74 710.  I can't seem to find out any specifics online about R&R.  Are the 710 flywheels interchangeable with other models like the 510's?  Thanks 


Why do you think you need one? If scratched up or worn it can be resurfaced for under $50.


All L16 and L18 flywheels were 5 bolt to the crank and fitted a 200mm diameter clutch and pressure plate. The only exception to this is the '74 620 which had an L18 5 bolt flywheel that took a 225mm clutch. .

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I need a new one due to the starter not engaging all the time. Sometimes the starter will not fully engage and it sounds like when you try to start a car when it is already going.  I have replaced the starter thinking the teeth were worn but after taking off the old starter and replacing it with the new one the problem still remains.  I turned the crank to see if all of the teeth were still there which they are.  I am thinking the problem is worn down teeth on the topside of the flywheel?  I am not sure though. Any suggestions?

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Hot start relay.


Pull the small wire off the solenoid and measure the voltage when you turn the key to start. My '74 had less than 6 volts.


I used this 6 volt as the trigger on a Nissan relay to provide a full 12 volts to the solenoid.



Also remove and clean the ground cable where it bolts to the head behind the fuel pump and then do the two battery terminals.

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So my car has had a push button starter since I bought it.  This problem did start as soon as I replaced the key ignition switch. (which still doesn't work to start the car) The only thing that happened was that when I replaced the ignition switch the steering wheel gets engaged.  I am thinking that by bypassing all of the relays somehow its making the starter work 3/4 of the time?

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