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'68 L520 stepfather/son build


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ON 6/24/13 my wife and I picked up a '68 L520 to rebuild and give her son when he turns 16 in two years. I want to keep this truck very stock appearing with a nice static drop. It sat in a junkyard for 17 years before we dug it out and took it home. I started it the day we got it to the garage!! We immediately starting stripping off the original paint to see what body work had been done and what would need to be done before it goes to the body shop. Enough talk, here's some pics.



This is at the junkyard. I took my pathy's because the stockers were all flat.



Beautiful dash, even had original key



Her new home


I have more pics. Will upload them soon.

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Not much new on the build. We just had our show (Scrapin the Rockies) so now I can get back to business on the Datto. I removed the starter and tore it apart for refurb. Replaced the clutch slave cylinder. Now I'm waiting on Bob to see if he has any good parts.

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My boy broke his foot in Oct. so progress has been very slow. He won state in both of his box classes so his wish was to have his 520 bagged. I couldn't resist. I'm still trying to figure out how to share photos from my Note II. As soon as I do I will post them up. Thank you all for the kind words.

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