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Anyone want a dog?

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Im in a major bind. Long story short as some knwo were moving this weekend, place we got wont allow animals. My dog was supposed to go to my sisters, but her first few horus there when my sister was at work she barked a bit and land lord says she has to go, wont even give her a damn chance. I know she was just freaked being left in a new place being alone, because she never acts like that. I need a place for her asap, im in vancouver area.  Weather the person wants to give her a permanent home, or take care of her till im in a place i can have a dog again is fine with me, if the 2nd option i will pay for the dog food for her.  She is a great dog, a corgi Chihuahua mix.  Loves going for rides in datsuns, and a great temperment and protective of her owner and family. She is good with kids, just not young boys. She does not seem to like my son, she was a rescue dog and i think a young boy used to beat her.  She is fat, lovable, sleeps under the bed, amazingly potty trained, i had to go to the er once for over 12 hours, and she just laid by the front door and held it in.  She is 7 years old, i know this is a weird one  to post on a datsun forum, but i need to find her a home asap, before this weekend, and i do not want to put her in a shelter. If she got put down it would destroy me, shes part of the family and i dont want that to happen to her.  So if anyoen can help, or knows someone looking for a dog please let me know. And mods please keep this up, i know its nto datsun related but its a animal life i dont want to see something bad happen to. Thanks guys.






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Already got a message from someone, hopefully taking her over to their place tomorrow night..thank god, but if anyone else may be interested let me know in case it dont work out for some odd reason. 

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