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quick help please reply

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there isn't anything that will bolt up directly.   If you were upgrading your brakes to discs with my kit, you could use the hubs/rotors/calipers/hose, but you don't need any of that with Beebani's or datsun-parts.llc's kits.  I'm working on a ball joint mod that would allow you to use the spindle to, but currently, for straight bolt on......you can't use any of it directly.

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The banjo fitting and bolts are nice to have as spares if in good shape ,, but since like he said you don`t have that set-up they would probably just be extra stuff you have to play with in the future.. And not of any real use.

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While i have everyones attention i am getting a terrible wobble when braking at high speeds. The steering wheel shimmys hard when the brakes are first applied and the faster i go the worse the shudder.


I have rotated rims front to back. (I doubt they've been balanced)

I have set my brakes

Ive lubed the adjuster


All steering parts are <1yr old

I have new springs for the shoes but have NOT installed them

I lubed the front end.



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Possibly.....but if it's the drums, you'll continue to feel a pulsing after they've engaged......but you said it's when they're first engaged.  I would think the bearings would be a more likely possibility.


My guess would be the front end alignment....most likely the toe adjustment is off.  The kingpin trucks don't have much caster at all......so if the back end is jacked up more than the front, you'll have almost no caster. 

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