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what bench seats fit the 521?


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i am looking for a bench seat for my 521


i was thinking i would like to fit it with a 40/60 split bench from a 2000 s10...


does anyone know if this will fit...




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what bench seats have others used in their 520/521 pickup...


mine has buckets, but need to be able to carry 3 people now that i have a child...


i want a seat with driver lumbar support and removable headrests...


i thought someone who had gone down this road before might have some insight to save me some time in the 105* heat...




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Toyota mini-truck seats are way close to stock...fit and look...plus they have a little notch in the middle on the bottom side, to fit if you do a 5speed swap:) They are all over in the JYs by me anyway. Thats the way I was gonna go, but the shifter fit so killer in front of my 521 bench, that I left it.

Best to you...congrats on the baby man! Have fun with your family:D

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I've got a 620 bench in my 521....

Wouldn't say it fits great, but the doors close and I can pull it forward if I have too-

But I'd have to agree with everybody else, bust out the tape measure and

measure, measure, measure!

That will be the easiest way I'd think...

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