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Little O'skool Meet In San Diego On Aug 3


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Anybody wanna go for a lunch & cruising this coming Sunday/Aug.3 in South San Diego? Theres a good Hawaiin BBQ place called L&L down by Sweetwater Road in South. So far I have couple O'skoolers coming down. We will be there around 10 to grab some coffee since its right beside Starbucks.




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Man, I miss SoCal! Wish we had a stronger Datsun community in 'Zona!


I think Dan is comming over in November. Going to Willow springs. You should come with him. If we can get a couple more So Cal guys to show up we can make it a Datsun day at the track.

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Yeah, I am in for sure. Threw a rod in my engine last weekend. Just started rebuilding it this week. I will be ready. Another one of our friends is coming for sure as well. 2 other guys are building s30's right now, so maybe if they are done they will come along also.


How many of you guys are planning on making it ? You , Brian, Jeff?

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